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Virgo 2017 Horoscope

Virgo 2017 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Virgo Zodiac Sign 2017


Little goes Virgo's way in the beginning of the year, but a lot can get done in the fall, though not without some calamity.

       In 2017, as well as the previous year, the north Moon Node, also called the Dragon's Head, is slowly passing through the Virgo sign. It will leave the sign on the last day of April - moving backward as it does, into Leo.

       The north and south Moon Nodes form a line through the horoscope describing the direction towards which everything develops, from one Node to the other. It can be either way, so the direction is decided by other planets in the two involved Zodiac signs, if any.

The 2017 World Horoscope
The complete 2017 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2017. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2017 World Horoscope

       In 2016, the direction was obviously towards the Virgo side, because of the moon joining with the north Node in the New Year horoscope. But in 2017, the south Node in Pisces has a conjunction with not one planet, but two: Neptune and Mars. That's a lot of power drawing events in that direction.

       So, this year Virgos will see things go quite contrary to what they had planned. In spite of good preparations and hard work, what happens is almost the opposite of what was intended. Very frustrating, indeed.

       Since the north Moon Node leaves Virgo at the very end of April, it is recommendable to wait with big plans until May. Then they have better chances of succeeding. It's not that everything suddenly works in the direction intended, since the conjunction is still there in Pisces, disturbing matters. But from May on it should be possible to work through the problems.

Productive but Frustrating

On September 5th 2017, the red planet Mars enters Virgo. It is accompanied by Mercury after about a week, in a conjunction that lasts for about another week. In the beginning of October, Mars is joined by Venus instead, also for about a week. Mars leaves Virgo on October 22nd.

       Mars is the warrior of the horoscope, causing destruction and construction equally. It is a rather untamed force. Its energy makes you able to accomplish great feats, but there is a risk and a price. For Virgos it is mainly important to control their frustration when working under Mars influence. Otherwise they risk getting quite aggressive and impulsive, even accidentally sabotaging their own projects.

Mars in Virgo 2017.

       But Virgo is a good worker. So, normally the Mars energy comes in handy. Suddenly you have the stamina to do more and do it faster than usual. Just watch out for the impatience it also brings.

       Mercury joining Mars leads to quarrels, most definitely. Any Virgo is capable to resist opposition, but it gets tiresome when it is on this level. On the other hand, the Mars force is with Virgo in this period, so Virgo is most likely to win every argument.

       Venus joining with Mars is mythological. So did the two gods, which led to the child Cupid, called Eros in Greek. The creative power of Venus and the constructive power of Mars can accomplish great things together. And they do.

       So, the period when the two are conjunct in Virgo - in the first week or so of October - is one when everything gets done, and easily at that. Like a charm. Make sure to time your efforts accordingly. You will be surprised at how much you accomplish within that week.

       It is fortunate that Mars, Mercury and Venus pass through Virgo in the fall, and not during the first few months of the year when the Moon Nodes create the most problems. So, consider postponing important plans to the fall.

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